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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pride Promotions Varian Krylov Bad Things Blogtour CONTEST

Book Name: Bad Things

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22924864-bad-things?from_search=true

Author Name: Varian Krylov

Author Bio:

Growing up near Los Angeles, I spent much of my time frolicking in the Pacific Ocean and penning angst-twisted poetry. Now I'm living in sunny Spain writing pathos-riddled fiction.

I've always loved the music and substance of words, always loved writing in well-worn notebooks by hand, tapping at the keys of the computer, and, of course, conjuring up stories.

And from my earliest memories, I've always been fascinated—maybe obsessed?—with sex and sexuality.
In my writing, sex is the medium, the expression, and the tool of discovery for my characters' insecurities, the needs that drive them, the comfort they can't live without, the joy and relish of life that makes each of them intense, strange, and alluring.

Author Contact:




Twitter: @VarianKrylov

Publisher: Smashwords

Cover Artist: Photographer: Ekaterina Zakharova; Cover design: Jay Aheer


Xavier makes a lot of people nervous. The rest, he flat-out scares. More than his hulking, tattooed body, it's his predator's gaze that makes people feel vulnerable, as if he had the power to read their thoughts and see their soul. For his lovers, it's Xavier's ravenous appetite for all things carnal—for the taste of flesh under his tongue and the feel of a trembling body under his control, for whispered pleas and muffled cries—that makes him dangerous.

But recently, driven by a festering rage against the men who attacked his sister a decade ago, Xavier has developed a taste for a different kind of hunt and conquest: stalking men who do truly bad things and punishing the predators he sniffs out. The problem with vigilante justice, though, is sometimes the man in your trap is innocent.

Carson suspects he's playing a risky game with dangerous men. But the lies are convincing, especially when they're slipped to him among hundred dollar bills. He never guessed how big and dark the secret hidden under all the lies and money could be. And he has no idea he's not the predator, but the prey, until it's too late.

And you can't beg for mercy when there's a gag in your mouth.

But when Carson escapes from Xavier's trap, he's forced to accept that Xavier is far from his most dangerous enemy. Xavier may even hold the key to overcoming the painful past that has kept Carson prisoner for almost two decades.

Book Categories: BDSM, Romance, Contemporary, Crime Fiction, M/M Romance, Erotica, Menage/Poly, Thriller, Fiction


When Xavier moved in, Carson struggled against the restraints. “Fucking . . . Come on. This shit's not funny anymore.” Pleading gaze upturned from under his dark lashes.

Xavier laughed. “What's that look?”

“Come on, Xavier. I know I fucked up. Of course you're mad. But . . . come on. We're . . . ”

“What are we, Carson?”

“I thought we were . . . ”

“Did you think we were friends?” Xavier laughed. “Did you think that you sleeping on my couch and cooking me a couple meals makes us friends?”

He breathed in the smell of him. Nervous sweat rising over the scent of soap. He caressed his cheek.

Carson went dead still, then tried to mold his frightened expression into sternness. “You could go to jail for this.”

Carson's whining was getting on his nerves. Xavier lifted the lid on the chest of dark brown leather and took out the ball gag. Too funny, that perplexed expression on Carson's face, then horrified incredulity as he figured it out. Sitting on his thighs, gazing into those shimmering blue pools of terror, Xavier got it on him before he could complain much more.

Xavier grinned. “You're not the first guy I've had cuffed to this post. And that gag in your mouth isn't the only toy in my box of treasures. But it is one of my favorites, because it means I don't have to listen to a bunch of whining and begging. I mean, I love whining and begging. I get hard for whining and begging. But only for the first few minutes. Then it gets incredibly fucking tedious.

“But the thing I really love about the gag is, it's so much easier to get to know someone when they're being quiet. Just watching their face. Looking into their eyes. Without a bunch of blah, blah, lies, blah, blah rationalization to muddy the truth.”

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9/22: Rainbow Gold Reviews

9/23: Velvet Panic, Multitasking Mommas

9/24: Elisa - My Reviews and Ramblings

9/25: Cathy Brockman Romances

9/26: Michael Mandrake

9/29: My Fiction Nook

9/30: Amanda C. Stone

10/1: It’s Raining Men

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10/3: Queer Town Abbey

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10/17: Prism Book Alliance, Dawn’s Reading Nook


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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guest Post Xavier Axelson

Please welcome Xavier Axelson to IRM!

Lily is special. In the shadow world of the forest, she prowls and survives but is different. Her father, Pryor lives and mourns the loss of his child. Inspired by true events, Lily, at its core, is about the lengths a parent will go to protect their child. I read a story about a young girl being dragged off her swing set by a coyote. Luckily, the girl was rescued unharmed, but this event inspired me to write Lily. I couldn’t think of anything scarier than having your child snatched from your own backyard…by an animal.

What started as a Father’s Day story, turned into something else. Lily is also about lost innocence and the belief in love. Sometimes the only thing to reach for is love and in reaching for it, ultimately you let go. Light and dark, shadow and clarity, grief and joy are all part of the story but what happens between the shadow and the light, the time between loss and gain, is where the action takes place. We don’t know what Lily does in the woods, and probably don’t want to know, she is untamed. Pryor cannot guess he only hopes she will return.

I did not expect to return to Lily’s world, but when the initial publisher shut down and the opportunity to have Lily reissued surfaced, I went back into the forest to find her. She found me. Lily had more to say. I hadn’t read Lily since its 2012 publication, and was surprised to find myself transported back into the story with frightening ease. Pryor’s grief, Lily’s wildness and Ned’s steadfast love sparkled and I enjoyed delving into the darkness of Lily’s character and gave her room to sink her teeth into the nerves of the story. A fresh edit, a new cover and the expansion of a couple key scenes give Lily newness, but the initial bones are left intact, and the story remains unchanged. The final climax between Pryor and Lily is chilling, and as I’ve said in other interviews, I worry Pryor and Ned may not survive their next run in with her. Fingers crossed.

Lily is also a romance. Ned and Pryor are from different worlds, brought together by chance and grief. Their connection is solidified by Lily’s disappearance and tested by her return. Reading the story now, I applaud Ned’s resilience and ability to endure the nightmare before him. He doesn’t walk away; he walks into the darkness with the promise to love. The clash of worlds, the powers of enduring love, these are the bones of Lily, and I hope you enjoy the visit.

Who knows…I may find my way back into the woods, Lily is still there.

Lily Blurb: 

What does one say when they realize their child is gone? Better yet, what does one say when that child returns, but is different?

This is the question Pryor must ask himself after his daughter, Lily, is dragged into the woods by a wolf and her body is never found. It isn't until he sees a wolf in the woods with eyes that resemble Lily's that he feels hope. And then something is whispered from deep within the woods, a promise for him to see Lily again.

One day...

But which day and for how long?

And then Pryor meets Ned, a silversmith who brings out desires that Pryor hasn't felt in years and helps him hatch a plan to keep Lily with him.

Now the question isn't about how much time Pryor will have with Lily, it's about how far he'll go to keep her with him.

About Xavier Axelson: Xavier Axelson is a writer living in Los Angeles. Xavier’s work has been featured in various erotic and horror anthologies. Longer written works include “The Incident”, “Velvet,” and “Lily.” www.xavieraxelson.com





Connect with Xavier:





I smelled her. I knew that sweet smell, the smell of her hair, wild and white—blonde. I would never see it turn darker, she would always be golden to me. I flung myself from my bed and dressed quickly. “I’m here, I’m coming, baby!”

I remember tripping over my damn sneakers and cursing violently as I stumbled over something else on the stairs. I’ve learned that in instances like these, one remembers horrible little details like the sneakers, like the stairs, and a wild, beautiful smell I knew but couldn’t place.

On instinct, I opened the blinds and threw open the sliding doors, then made my way out into the backyard. Lily wouldn’t be anywhere else.

We have a large weeping cherry tree in the backyard and in June, it is at its most magnificent. The smell coming off the tree was lurid and the flowers rained down in a pink shower when an errant breeze moved through the branches. The moon was stark and white, sending shivering silver light onto everything it touched. The night was alive with so much excitement that it was almost too much to bear. The woods appeared to be moving, a great looming mass of shadow and scent. The insects chorused, calling out in honor of what I hoped was my daughter.

“Lily?” I ran down the deck stairs. She had to be there! My eyes darted from one end of the yard to the other. The silver light of the moon cast everything in a strange glow that begged a ghostly encounter.

“Lily?” I said again, and this time looked to the trees where I thought I had heard ragged breathing; human, and yet not. There was movement, quick and furtive, a padded whisper of something pacing, searching, and then I saw eyes staring up at me from the darkness of the woods. Eyes that burned like a thousand fires, they were as blue as I remember, but now translucent and lit from behind.

It was then that I heard the call, chilling and ancient, that brought clouds to the sky as if they ached to protect the moon from such a hellish shriek.

“Lily,” I whispered, “baby, it’s your daddy, your father.” I held a hand out, wanted to go toward whatever it was that had my daughter’s eyes. Before I could move, I heard a voice, odd and quick; a fast whisper that sounded like the undertone of the trees, as if the forest was speaking to me. But those eyes, I knew those eyes.

“I will return for one day. One day.” The voice stopped. There was the sound of movement nearby. The ragged breathing stopped and the eyes vanished.

“When?! When, Lily? I know it’s you, please tell me when you will come back. Why not now?” I was trying not to yell. I could feel her presence—the smell was still there—she was close. I ran forward, but stopped when I heard her voice again.

“The day that I was taken will be the day I return.”

I was alone. Where there had been eyes, there was darkness; where there had been movement, there was nothing; and where there had been clouds, there was only silver light.

I felt a helpless rage swell within me until it erupted into the still night air in a primal scream that, once expelled, forced me to the ground, muscles shaking as I clawed at the earth.

As I struggled to my feet, I could still hear the voice echoing in my ears, fighting against my furious pulse.

The day I was taken will be the day I return.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Pride Promotions KC Wells Confetti, Cake, and Confessions Blogtour CONTEST

Book Name: Confetti, Cake, and Confessions

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23148914-confetti-cake-confessions

Author Name: K.C. Wells

Author Bio:

Born and raised in the north-west of England, K.C.Wells always loved writing. Words were important. Full stop. However, when childhood gave way to adulthood, the writing ceased, as life got in the way.

K.C. discovered erotic fiction in 2009, where the purchase of a m̩nage storyline led to the startling discovery that reading about men in love was damn hot. In 2012, arriving at a really low point in life led to the desperate need to do something creative. An even bigger discovery waited in the wings Рwriting about men in love was even hotter...

K.C. now writes full-time and is loving every minute of her new career.

The laptop still has no idea of what hit it... it only knows that it wants a rest, please. And it now has to get used to the idea that where K.C goes, it goes.

Author Contact: K.C. can be reached via email (k.c.wells@btinternet.com), on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/KCWellsWorld), on Twitter (@IslandTalesPres or through comments at the K.C.Wells website (www.kcwellsworld.com ) K.C. loves to hear from readers.

Publisher: Island Tales Press

Cover Artist: Meredith Russell


Tony Porter and Marc Powell had lived in the same house for the past eight years, since their single parents moved in together. When Tony’s mother Marie and Marc’s father Dennis decide to tie the knot at last, it should be an occasion of great joy for everyone. Except all Marc can think about is having to spend the next two weeks with the young man he’s been in love with since he was sixteen.

Tony feels so torn about Marc coming home from college. He keeps telling himself that it’s wrong to feel this way about him. After all, in two weeks’ time they’ll be related. So when the two young men are thrown together to prepare for the wedding, tensions rise and discoveries are made.

It’s going to be a very long two weeks, and a wedding that no one will ever forget.


Marc gave up trying to take off his T-shirt without hitting Tony in the face. “Give me a hand with this, yeah?” He put his arms in the air and waited for Tony to lift off his top. Tony’s body was close as he eased the garment off him, close enough to feel his body heat. “Thanks,” Marc whispered. He went to undo his jeans, but Tony was there already, nimble fingers freeing the button on his waistband and lowering the zip. Marc held his breath while Tony eased the jeans past his hips, his dick already tenting his boxers.

Why the hell did I wear boxers? He groaned inwardly. Then he caught sight of Tony’s crotch as he knelt at Marc’s feet to pull off his jeans. Tony had a hard on.

All desire to laugh fled him as he swallowed. Tony’s face was inches away from Marc’s stiff cock. He couldn’t bloody miss it. Tony rose slowly to his feet, until his face was an inch or two lower than Marc’s. Those brown eyes regarded him, large and round, framed by thick black lashes. “Want to try on your trousers?” Tony’s voice had taken on a husky quality.

“Sure.” The word came out in a croak. Tony turned around and slid the trousers off their hanger, bending down to hold them open for Marc to step into them. Once again his face was so close to Marc’s crotch. Tony’s nostrils flared and he sniffed the air, just once. The air crackled with electricity.

Fuck, can he smell my arousal? The thought sent blood rushing to his groin.

Marc stood still while Tony pulled them up, rising to his feet to fasten the buttons.

“Snug fit,” Tony remarked, running a finger between the waistband and Marc’s skin. “Not too tight?”

Oh, they’re tight, all right. Marc’s cock was a solid lump behind that zip.
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Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, New Adult

Tour Dates: September 29th, 2014

Tour Stops: Carly’s Book Reviews, Parker Williams, Havan Fellows, MM Good Book Reviews, Rainbow Gold Reviews, Jade Crystal, Prism Book Alliance, Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words, Multitasking Mommas, Cate Ashwood, Queer Town Abbey, LeAnn’s Book Reviews, 3 Chicks After Dark, Fallen Angel Reviews, Iyana Jenna, Michael Mandrake, It’s Raining Men, Kimi-Chan

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