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Monday, November 23, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

42 – Redemption - A time to plant, a time to reap

An hour later, the three men huddled around Zane's laptop on the desk in a motel room in the heart of Baton Rouge. Grant explained to Rex what he had in mind. Rex listened, nodding that he got the picture.

"Suggestion, though," Rex said. "Doing that and then turning him over to the Fed's has a certain cachet, but there's nothing to stop him from continuing to send people after you, because he'll just get out on bail, if they arrest him. However, if you were to set the whole thing up, and protect it so that no one but you can access everything, and then let him know that if anything happens to you the files, or whatever, will immediately be sent to the Feds, it just might make him back off."

"Blackmail, I like it," Zane said with a grin.

Grant agreed, though he'd have preferred to call it protection. "Blackmail sounds so—sleazy."

"Sleazy man deserves 'sleazy' treatment, but whatever we call it, it should get him to leave you alone." Rex tapped his lip. "Is it possible to do that? He probably can bring in some really good hackers."

"Once I've done what needs doing I'll print out all the spreadsheets, bank information and what have you. I can give you all copies and put one in a safety deposit box at a bank back in New Orleans."

"Before you can do that you'll need ID," Zane pointed out.

Grant sighed. "That could be difficult, right?"

"Wrong," Rex told him. "I know a couple of people who could fix you up. And not a word out of you," he said, shooting a hard look at Zane.

"Misspent youth," Zane whispered loudly to Grant, earning him a glare and then a laugh from Rex.

"Very," Rex admitted. "Which is why, among other things, I'm going to find you a safer place than this to stay until we've got everything set up, Grant."


"Back in New Orleans, and don't worry—when I say safe I mean even God himself couldn't find you unless I told him where to look."

"Cocky, isn't he," Zane said, laughing. "He does have the contacts though, so you can trust that you'll be safe."

Grant thought a minute then nodded. "All right, do it."