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Sunday, August 23, 2015

29 - Redemption - A time to plant, a time to reap

She gave Zane a calculating look. "How deep into this Monty are you?"

Zane couldn't help it, he laughed. "You didn't just ask that."

It took her a second to realize how she'd phrased her question, and then she laughed too. "I didn't mean it quite that way, so I'd prefer you don't answer it literally. What I was asking was, is there some way you can logically give him an address for Grant and then see what happens?"

Zane tapped his lip thoughtfully before nodding. "I think so, yes. I suppose you have an address in mind."

"I do. My house. It's actually where Grant was staying." She turned to look at Rex. "Does this Monty know you?"

"Not that I know of, but if he's working for Williams I suppose it's a possibility. Why?"

"Because I'd rather not be there on my own when either Monty or some of Williams' people show up—or the cops as far as that goes. I run a boarding house, so having a male hanging around wouldn't seem strange."

"You've thought this out, haven't you," Zane said, impressed.

"I like Grant. He's become like a son to me. I want to see him be able to live his life without always looking over his shoulder. So, umm, what's your name, can you be at my place once Zane's talked to Monty?"

"I'm Rex, and of course I can. When do we want to do this?"

"I'll call him and see if he wants to meet me at one of the clubs again," Zane replied, taking out his cell. He shook his head when he realized he'd turned it off earlier in the afternoon and had three messages as a result, one from Monty. "Guess he does," he said a moment later. "Right after work."

"Perfect." The woman took a card from her handbag, handing it to Zane. "That's the address."

Rex had a sudden thought. "You know, this doesn't necessarily prove anything. Zane could say he told Monty, and then the cops or Williams' people could show up and you'd never know if it was us or Monty that sent them."

"It's already been proven, in my mind at least. I've been around for a few years; I'm pretty good at reading people. Neither of you had a moment's hesitation about going along with this, and you both did without consulting each other in any way. Now I just want to find out, and I think you do too," she looked at Zane, "if Monty is as much of an ass as I think he is."

"Yeah," Zane admitted, "I'd like to know that, all things considered."