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Sunday, April 19, 2015

11 - Redemption - A time to plant, a time to reap

"He's definitely in the city, no question about it," Zane told his cousin as soon as Rex answered the phone. "The track we put on his email finally came up with some action from him. He was at the Public Library on Loyola about forty-five minutes ago." He listened for a moment, nodding, then said, "I doubt going there would do any good. He signed on, and then off again fifteen minutes later. He's long gone from there now, unless he's a total idiot. What was interesting was the email he sent. He wanted to know why Williams was still searching for him. Personally it sounded as if he had no clue it was more than just because he'd ditched the wedding."

"Yeah," he replied a minute later. "He got his answer. From what the respondents said, Williams claims our boy took off with a sizable fortune."

Leaning back in his chair he listened as his cousin expounded on that fact. "I agree," he said finally. "It would be interesting to know who discovered the loss, Williams or one of his people. As well as when it actually happened. With our boy running like he did, someone might have seen it as an opportunity to put the blame on him for the theft, whether they'd committed it earlier or it was a spur of the moment thing."

They talked for a few minutes more, discussing options, before hanging up. Standing, Zane stretched as he decided he wasn't ready to head to bed. In fact, quite the opposite, he was wired and needing to do something to unwind. He knew just what would accomplish that. Heading to the bedroom, he switched out shirts, trading the plain cotton button-down for a soft one in deep rust, and a black vest. After patting his jeans' pockets to make certain he had wallet and keys, he took off, heading down to Bourbon and his favorite club.

He could hear the music from half a block away, even over what was coming from the bar he was passing. The entrances, one on Bourbon, the other on the side street, were packed with people. Mostly tourists who weren't certain they dared enter but wanted to see what was going on inside. He eased his way through them into the club, waving to a couple of friends as he made his way to the bar.

"Zane, baby, long time, no see," the bare-chested bartender shouted over the noise of the band and the customers. "The usual?"

Zane nodded as he squeezed in next to a couple who seemed oblivious to anything but exploring each other's tonsils. While he waited for his beer he scanned the crowd, looking for anyone he knew besides the two he'd seen coming in. Or for someone interesting enough he might like to get to know them.

The bartender tapped his shoulder to let him know his drink was there. After paying, Zane picked it up and headed towards the stairs leading to the second level and the dance floor. When he got there, he leaned against the railing, comparing the various dancers, some of whom were very good, others who were definitely energetic if nothing else.

One in particular caught his eye. Lean and supple, dressed all in black, he moved gracefully, his blonde hair glowing under the lights. When the song ended, Zane was almost relieved to see the man say something to his dance companion then move to the side of the floor—alone. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Welcome Remmy Duchene

Kon’nichiwa ,

I am Remmy Duchene and I am here to give you a peek at my series SHIVERS that have already begun at Totally Bound. It is a paranormal series, if you will, with Remmy-esque twist on Greek mythology.

Ever since I could remember I have been obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology. But I didn’t want to write the same old stories using all the same old characters – I wanted to do something special. The idea hit me hard one day when I was sitting at the lake and I pulled out my phone and started typing away at the idea. The SHIVERS were created after Zeus cheated on Hera AGAIN with the Goddess of the Storm Winds. This time, Hera was angrier than usual and cursed any off-springs that came from the union. Here comes Ciro, Aerios, and Koi. Osaki, is a special case, he sort of inherited the powers. Due to the fact their mother is the Goddess of the Storm Winds, these children are born with special abilities—they can control the weather around them. Then to top it all off, their father is Zeus so they have the temper to match; which will come in handy when those who are out to get them put their plans into motion. Ciro, Koi and Osaki will learn that sometimes, the greatest enemy is that one person you should be able to count on.

Here’s a peek into SHIVERS book 2: Osaki

The Ōnin War had been waging for three years with no end in sight. Thousands of men, women and children had fallen. The dirt of central Kyōto had long since gone red with the blood of those who had perished, including Hirosuke Osaki’s whole family. They were casualties of the never-ending civil war—collateral damage—and somehow that didn’t seem fair. His heart was heavy and still he fought. He was alone in the world, because a mother thought her son did not have to fight for what he gained in life. With a blood-covered hand, he held the wound against his left side, feeling the blood seeping hot through his fingers. He knew he was as good as dead but he couldn’t—wouldn’t—go without a fight.

The air was ripe with the stench of the dead and dying and the winds picking up strength did not help. It carried the stench strongly to Osaki’s nose and it made him want to hurl.

The day’s sun fell over the bodies, burning them, hastening the bad smell. He felt sick to his stomach but there wasn’t anything he could do about it. Everywhere he looked, there were bodies among the soldiers that remained after the latest attacks. Though there was quiet then—deathly silence—he knew the war was not over.

His hair fluttered in the wind as he reached up and sheathed his sword. Every muscle ached terribly. The wound he was holding bled more with his movements and he gritted his teeth. Another man stood a short distance from him—a strange man, a man who gave off an air of the battle scarred. He was tall with long, dark hair and from what Hirosuke Osaki could remember, this man’s eyes were filled with a storm that sent shivers down Hirosuke Osaki’s spine.

There was something about the stranger, something Osaki couldn’t quite put his finger on, but Osaki did not question it. The man was on his side and thus a friend. The rest of Hirosuke Osaki’s men were busy checking on the dead. He took a breath and moved from where he’d been standing. Two steps later, movement caught his attention from the corner of his eyes. He knew it was bad, for the sun played off the attacker’s sword. Osaki screamed something even his mind couldn’t decipher and knew instantly that his friend would not react in time. Though weak from the battle and his wound, Osaki pulled his sword and stepped into action.

He shoved his soldier out of the way just as the attacker’s sword sliced through Osaki’s back. An involuntary gasp escaped Osaki and he looked down to see the very tip of the metal weapon sticking through his stomach. There was a sickening, sucking noise of the sword being pulled back, but the damage was done. His head went dazed then pain unlike anything he’d ever felt before pulsated through him. There was a sound, almost like someone gargling water. He wasn’t sure where it came from for his mind could barely hold a thought. The only thing he could even get out was that he was dying. He slumped to his knees, pressing both hands to the opening in his stomach as a flurry of activity began happening around him. A body hit the ground beside him before he fell face first into the dirt rich with the blood of the others.

“Hirosuke Osaki!”

Strong hands turned Osaki over and he blinked so his dying mind could recognize who was looking down into his face. It was the soldier with the beautiful eyes, the one who Osaki didn’t know but respected, for he was a soldier on the side of good. Tears slipped down the man’s cheeks, which confused Osaki.

“They say only…gods cry for the just. Why are you crying?” Osaki asked.

“Because, Hirosuke Osaki, you are just.”

Osaki’s eyes widened. “And you are a god…”




Osaki gasped, gurgling around the foul taste of blood rising in his throat. “Why do you not stop this?”

“Because humans have free will,” Ares replied. “They chose this. Greed and jealousy are the wings this war is flying on. I cannot simply stop it.”

Darkness fell over Osaki’s eyes and he blinked. This time Ares’ face was just a blur of a dark spot and some hair. “Then I die because of a choice.”

Thanks for having me,

Remmy Duchene

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