Friday, February 24, 2012

The Gay Rights Struggle in Russia - Outlawing Even a Whisper

I know we talk a lot about marriage equality on this blog - and it's something I believe in with all my heart. But we have made great strides in this country with GLBT rights. There are countries where being gay is punishable by death. We're not talking about gay-bashing, we're talking about legal execution. And now Russia...

Next week, St. Petersburg could well pass legislation that will outlaw the mere mention of anything considered "gay". It would become criminal to speak, write, read or meet about anything pertaining to GLBT subjects. You could be arrested for reading the wrong newspaper.

This is the height of absurdity for a city that likes to think of itself as "International" and a cultural center. Their most famous native son, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, was gay after all. Does this mean you could no longer listen to his music? No Swan Lake? No Sleeping Beauty? No 1812 Overture?

This is madness.

The activist group All Out has a petition started to let the governing body of St, Petersburg know that the international community does not support this abhorrent legislation and will boycott the city as a destination if the law passes.

Take a moment to sign it. Equality must be global


  1. Bloody hell. Welcome to the sodding Dark Ages. I signed the petition and posted the link to it on my Facebook page.

  2. Thank you, Sue! Yes - though in the age of nets, they'll have a hell of a time enforcing such a thing.

  3. "You could be arrested for reading the wrong newspaper."
    Hmm. I didn't realize we were in 1937.
    I keep trying to write a post about homophobia in Russia but I can't seem to do it without descending into ranty-ness.

  4. It's OK to rant about something like this. Expected, even.

  5. Just plain wow! How did that many homophobes get elected into office all at one time? It will be sad when every politician in the area has to arrest at least one family member. Bummer that!